Quantum Tech Anti-Aging Wand

post products wand Quantum Tech Anti Aging WandThe Quantum Tech Anti-Aging Wand is the result of an innovative use of semi-conductor technology and germanium.

Our 21st century life style exposes your skin and body to the harmful effects of positive-ions. These positive-ions are generated from computers, electrical equipment, mobile phones, and other electronic devises, as well as chemicals, acid rain and ultra-violet rays.

This exposure to positive-ions can break down our immune system making you more vulnerable to disease. Positive-ions slow down your body’s metabolism, causing waste to build up. This reduces body efficiency, causing weight gain, disease, and cellulite. All of this equals premature aging.

Our Anti-Aging Wand combats these problems by re-balancing the positive and negative ions on your skin and in your body. The germanium helps get oxygen into the skin and increases metabolism. This allows the body to detoxify.

The results … Detoxification of the Skin… Reduced Wrinkles… and Overall Healthier Complexion.


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Quantum Tech Anti-Aging Wand, 5.3 out of 10 based on 45 ratings